About us

The company

The founding partner Martin Gittens has 25 years architectural & managerial experience working on national & international profile projects.

Clare Murray joined the practice in 2004 after experience, practicing in both private practice and the public sector. As a qualified architect Clare has extensive experience in the design of private houses and extensions and recently completed the new resource centre at St. Cannice`s Cathedral in her role as the diocesan architect.

The office is a fully accredited & Registered Member of The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland and as such can offer a full range of architectural services from feasibility studies, interior design, planning, construction and legal services.

The practice currently has a permanent team of 5, with

  • Keith Quinn – Architectural Technologist
  • Anthony O`Hara – Architectural Technologist
  • Gary Brennan – Architectural Technologist

GMA has an extensive portfolio of completed projects in counties Kilkenny, Carlow, Tipperary, Kildare, Dublin and Laois- ranging from small residential developments to large-scale commercial sector.

Our practice is a dynamic and innovative design-led firm committed to producing buildings of quality and maintaining the highest professional standards. GMA has considerable experience in hotel, restaurant, commercial fit out and conservation projects.

Each project is tailored to the individual client’s requirements and typically each job is taken from inception to complete fit out. Design can be many things to many people but to this practice it has always been about the client’s needs.



GMA’s Quality Management Systems have been independently certified to the internationally-recognised ISO 9001:2015 standard by Certification Europe.

The wide scope of our certification encompasses GMA’s architectural design and project management services as well as the administrative and financial functions necessary to support those services.

GMA actively promotes a culture in which the focus is on enhancing customer satisfaction by providing quality service while achieving continuous improvement throughout the organisation. Our people possess skills and experience that ensure competence at all levels within the company, competence which is further enhanced through Continuous Professional Development. Each person understands that quality begins with a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and continues long after handover. By placing the emphasis on effective communication, both internally and externally, we chart the quality process along a course that firstly satisfies client wishes and subsequently exceeds quality expectations.


At the core of our design philosophy is the belief that each project and every site requires an exceptional solution in a unique context.

In whatever form it takes, be it a conceptual drawing or a fully-realised construction, our finished product must ultimately have a positive effect on all the people who experience it. In order to create solutions that successfully balance aesthetics, functionality, and cost considerations we believe it is critical that we have a common alignment with our clients’ expectations from the outset of each project.

Our philosophy is driven by simplicity, sustainability, efficiency and innovation of design regardless of scale. Whether the project involves the master planning of an entirely new community or the selection of a particular type of light switch we apply the same criteria to each design decision.

How we work

Our approach is to create environments that provide amenity with maximum flexibility for current and future users. We create original, clear and practical solutions that benefit the inhabitants of our buildings as well as the wider community. While our design is forward looking, we ensure that proven technologies are incorporated into well-crafted, aesthetically distinguished buildings.

The GMA team is dynamic and capable of effective action wherever there is a need for creative architectural solutions. With each project we continue to learn from our collaboration with other industry leaders and apply this know-how across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

Our expert knowledge of sustainability allows us to provide extremely energy-efficient environments with benefits to both operational cost and ecological concerns. Long after completion, our projects will adapt to future developments and technologies while remaining flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the end-user